How quickly can I get started?

To get started, only takes a few minutes: sign up and answer a few questions to help us get to know your business. If you're a fit you can then install our GitHub Application to sync accounts. Once we configure your account, you're all set to start using FlyCode. From start to finish, it should take no longer than 5-10 minutes.

I'm on the waitlist, when can I start using FlyCode?

The team at FlyCode is committed to building a platform that every company, big or small, can leverage to build products faster. We are opening access to batches of companies each week to ensure the highest quality experience for new and existing customers. To access sooner, make sure to download our GitHub application to jump to the front of the queue.

Are edits real-time?

Our platform is build off a Git-based workflow, which means any edits you make are not run-time and will still need to go through your CI/CD Pipeline. If you would like to bypass the additional testing, feel free to flag PRs from FlyCode's bot to speed up the process.

If an edit is made, how does it appear in GitHub?

After you have installed our application, FlyCode is added as a user in your GitHub organization. When an edit is made in our web-app a PR created. Within in the PR message are details about the change and the user that made the change so the developer reviewing the request can easily review.

What types of text is supported?

Currently our platform allows users to edit text strings organized in a resource file, including localized text resources. Our platform does not allow users to edit dynamic text or variables, however, if this is a feature your organization would like access to, please reach out to learn more about our API integration.

What if all my text strings are hard-coded?

We have analyzed hundreds of repositories and are working to make hard-coded strings editable. If your organization is working to move from hard-coded to creating IDs/Keys for strings, we may be able to help you. If our internal tools can help you extract and save a significant number of dev hours we will help! Contact us for more information.

How do I add additional users to my FlyCode organization?

To add new users, simply have them sign up at FlyCode.com using an email with the same business domain. If the user is under a different domain or is a 3rd party, please reach out to add a new user.

What permissions are required with your GitHub application?

  • When you sign up for FlyCode we provide two options to get started. The default option is our preview application, which is read-only access. This allows us to automatically configure the account for your company. Once configured to your business and your teams are ready to make edits, connect to our Read & Write application.
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